Author Topic: Sneak Peak! Camp Boat 14, a 14' 4" row/motor skiff coming soon  (Read 38 times)

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Sneak Peak! Camp Boat 14, a 14' 4" row/motor skiff coming soon
« on: January 01, 2018, 12:31:00 PM »
Hi All,  Just a short note on our current happenings.  At the request of a friend who wants one, and also wants to gain experience before building a Great Alaskan, I've been working on a 'camp boat' design ... and in fact, that's the boat's name.  Sweet and simple, it's a 14' 4" camp skiff that can carry 3, take 10 hp or dual rowing stations.  There are a couple of finer points that I hope make this boat stand out as better or different from what so many others have designed.  From my experience, most flat-bottom camp skiffs then to stick their bow way up in the air when you put any appreciable horsepower on them, and they tend to be noisy as well ....plonk plonk plonk all day while small chop and wind waves plonk off the bottom of the bow where the stem meets the flat bottom.  Many of these skiffs are also narrow, focusing too much (my humble opinion) on rowing ... but if you go to any camp ground, you will see that 90% of the skiffs have electric trolling motors or small outboards on them.  So ... with that in mind, I came up with the Camp Boat 14.  It has a 48" wide waterline, low (but not non-existent) rocker and aft taper - so, it should motor better than row, but still row adequately.  Up front, the boat has a small V-bow that transitions into a flat bottom at about the halfway mark - good for beaching, yet still has some V- up front for a little quieter operation.  I think this will be a popular design and my build one for our own use as well - or perhaps a 16' version (which will come out soon after this one).

Last, noting how nice it is to sit in the bow of a boat on a calm summer day, enjoying the water, the boat will sport a 'sweetheart seat' in the bow ... curved back support, aft-facing.  The seating in the stern will use typical sailboat style seating that runs forward along both sides to make it easier to handle a tiller without breaking your back by twisting around to reach it all day.  More details and CAD renderings will come soon as I work them out and produce the plans drawings and documentation.



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