Author Topic: Bob from Olympia, 28 GA build  (Read 14771 times)

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Re: Bob from Olympia, 28 GA build
« Reply #285 on: May 16, 2018, 08:04:18 PM »
Is 2" fillet big enough for the stringers?  I know the manual says 3" on the transom.

I have the inside all sanded and cleaned up, just have lots of little holes to fill and start the fillets on stringers and chines and bow stem. 

I built a stairway to access the boat, hard to climb up and down without it...

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Re: Bob from Olympia, 28 GA build
« Reply #286 on: May 17, 2018, 05:18:55 AM »
Yes ... using a 2" PVC pipe (or other form) for the stringer's fillets is fine.  The transom corners get special treatment due to the concentration of forces at the that occur as the boat flexes (think 'hinge').... and I've seen them crack on some boats (but never on a Great Alaskan!).  That's why I recommend large fillets, glass-fiber impregnated epoxy mix for the fillets, and a good solid glass treatment on transom corners.  The stringers do not suffer from this same effect when the boat flexes.


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