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My intro and build plan
« on: March 31, 2014, 10:51:34 AM »
I just downloaded my plan set and I'm reading the construction maunal now. I was on the fence about building after reading Renns book but now I'm positive I'll build. This is so much easier to understand!

I'm a native southern Oregonian so the "Newport" is my obvious choice of style, after all I put in there for tuna fishing  ;)

I'm a Machine shop owner, fabrication of anything metal for the boat from rod holders to railing will be an easy task. I'm currently waiting on approval from the county to build a huge shop on so commercial land we bought for the shop that will have a section set aside just for this project.

I estimated 2 years for completion just because I've never built a boat like this before but I anticipate with the amount of help and hours I can dedicate it will go much faster. I originally planned on a kit from Chuck over at WCB but reading the plans I'm sure I can make this from scratch (maybe not quite as quick though.....) I'll decide after I try and locate the the materials and costs.
 My cabin will be more spartan than the plans show, pretty much just seating and storage. I need Brians input on an "offshore bracket"

I'm not fond of splash wells and would prefer to move the motors back and have a continuous transom with storage comparments across the length.

Anyway very excited to get going just waiting on the building right now, should be pouring the 100 yds of concrete by the end of the month!

Dave Collett-Paule

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Re: My intro and build plan
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2014, 07:50:48 PM »

You're going about this much like I did - built the shop starting 2 years ago, now 14 months into the GA with a couple more months to go.  I also cut out everything in lieu of a kit.  Not sure if I would do that if I were starting today but it was fun making all the parts myself.  I compromised on the offshore bracket and splashwell by using a 10" setback jackplate and a shortened splashwell.

Best decision I made building the shop was to install an I-beam down the centerline with trolly hoists.  If I could have afforded it I would have put in a bridge crane.  As it is, it saved my back big time.

Best of luck with your shop and boat projects.  Looking forward to updates.


Dave in Homer