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General Discussion about the Great Alaskan / Kent Cannon's Paula J
« on: October 04, 2017, 03:19:34 PM »
Hey Kent,

Thanks again for the pix - I've got your boat on my PC as wallpaper now ... lookin' good!  I can't help but notice the detail and how well you've got it set up (now that I have BIG pix to look at and can see the details).  Looks like an enclosed locker for anchor rode and chain?  Nice perfect-size anchor pulpit too.  Can the cuddy hatch come clear off the boat?  I see a seam around the perimeter like a hatch cover, the type that keeps water out... curious on the details.  You've got a nice RayMarine radar too - which model did you go with?  The $1k+- 'recreational' one or better?  And a life raft!  Nice drip-loop in the coax to the marine radio antenna too ... the tape below is what is used for outdoor ham radio installations for keeping water out of connectors (which will rot out everything inside the coax ... while leaving the outside looking brand new all along), FYI.  It's the non-commercial version of what's used professionally on cell towers and antenna installations.  Does the 'window in a window' on the sides open up?  How?  What type of hauler is that?  I like it's sturdy design with the hauler nested between components.  Looks like an electric gear-motor type, so I won't ask about hydraulics.  In any case ... very well done!  I'm impressed!

Times Microwave Professional Weatherproof Self-Bonding Silicone Sealing Tape for Coax Connectors / Antennas (1.5" x 15')

In the USAF, we called this stuff "F-4 Tape"... great stuff and keeps the water out perfectly.  Just make sure you read the instructions and stretch it 10-20% while wrapping, and hit it with a heat gun (low heat) to make it shrink into place nice and tight.  It comes off real easily too, just use a razor blade or box knife to slice across the wraps (only cut partially through) and you can pull it all right off... but it will NOT come off without slicing it.


Announcements / The Great Alaskan on Facebook...
« on: October 04, 2017, 10:56:34 AM »
Hey ... Finally finished setting up our Facebook page ... more coming soon:  <- VISIT!  Like!!  SHARE!!!


Announcements / Plans UPDATED - 4/12/2017
« on: April 14, 2017, 12:43:45 PM »

FYI - I just updated all of the plans documents, manuals and drawings.  Not much changed:

- Fixed all contact info and copyright statements (all was out of date)
- Collected up a few items from the errata - all minor, but now in the docs

I will update here to notify people that plans were updated whenever I upload new copies.  Might be adding a center console walkaround addition soon (as time permits).


This video really illustrates how great things like kill switches and life preservers are ...these guys will be back another day:



OK... It's done!  Over 300 customers have been migrated to the new website and have their download access restored!  If you're one of them, please click the 'Confirm your new account' link in the latest email that you received.

If you purchased plans AFTER August 15th, 2016 and haven't done so already, please register at our  website so I can activate your download access...



DARN! The stuff below is true, but I had to start over ...all the email confirmation links had 'localhost' in them instead of ''.  Starting over... sigh.  If/when you get another email, just follow the NEW link...


WEBSITE UPDATE: I am currently migrating users from our old website to our new.  There are approximately 600 customers getting migrated, and I can only send out 50 emails per hour (12 hours of emails), so it'll likely take a day or three to get everyone migrated into the new system.  Your continued patience is appreciated!

GOOD NEWS: You will be notified via email if YOUR user migration is about to occur.  When your user migration DOES occur, you will then receive a second email - One that asks you to confirm your new account (click a link), and gives you your login information (including temporary password).  Once you confirm your new account by clicking the link in the email, we recommend logging in with your email address and the assigned temporary password.... then change your password right away.  Note that it's an ugly password and it's not recorded anywhere, so if you mess up ...please use the 'Forgot my Password' link on the login page and follow instructions...

DOWNLOAD ACCESS: Once you confirm your account, then the Download tab at our website will automatically make all your downloads available to you whenever you are logged in... no need for me or you to do anything to activate downloads... just login and voila!  Please let me know if something isn't working right...

NEW CUSTOMERS: Customers buying plans after about August 15th, 2016 are NEW customers - You are NOT being automatically set up.  Please click the Register link at the top of our website and follow instructions.  I will activate your downloads after you have successfully registered (and confirmed your account...)

Thanks!  Everyone should be migrated into the new website by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest ... I hope :)

Brian Dixon - Owner/Designer

Announcements / Thank you! It's been great year!
« on: December 21, 2016, 07:40:02 AM »
I just wanted to pause and say thank you to everyone!  It's been a great year and more people are building a Great Alaskan with each passing year ... and I'm glad!  There are now Great Alaskans in several places around the world, and more coming ... I'm happy to see all the people that are seeing their dreams come true!

Merry Christmas!  Thanks again for your patience while we continue to upgrade our website and our forums ...they'll continue to be a work in progress for a bit here, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  And don't forget, we'll be opening a new website ( where you or people you know can sell their own boat plans - we can help with drafting, documentation, and CAD services, including conversion of your plans into CNC-ready drawings so that you can also sell kits.  While a kind of placeholder site is already in place for Digiboats, I expect it'll be up and running (starting with the Great Alaskan, and more designs coming) sometime after the end of the year.  Contact me if you have questions or interest, or know someone that does ( or


Experimental Postings / Test...
« on: December 04, 2016, 03:35:57 PM »
This is a picture

General Discussion about the Great Alaskan / TESTING TAPATALK
« on: November 25, 2016, 09:39:55 AM »
Just testing the forum restoration... make sure Tapatalk works!

We just moved the forums from our old Apache (Linux) server to the new Windows Server/IIS server and are having troubles seems that file paths or permissions are broken somehow, even though they all look correct.  We're working on it feverishly ...but until fixed, avatars and attachments and forum styling (themes) appear to be broken.  You can still post text and read all posts etc though... stay tuned!

UPDATE:  The builder's forum is nearly fixed ... I'm seeing odd behavior now and then, and am working on a fix.  Please let me know what issues YOU spot... thanks.  I will update here when it appears that all is finally well ... at least the attachments and pictures work now!

Thanks for your patience!

Experimental Postings / TEST
« on: September 25, 2016, 11:45:51 AM »

Announcements / Glacier Boats of Where?
« on: January 12, 2016, 07:23:22 AM »
Just an FYI - My wife and I are moving to Idaho very soon, and I don't think we can maintain an LLC in Alaska if we're not actually residents.  Note that I will re-form the business as 'Glacier Boats of Alaska', incorporated in Idaho.  From a user's perspective, all will stay the same ...except for the business' actual location.  Seems odd to use 'of Alaska' still, but that's where it started and the Great Alaskan was designed specifically for Alaskan waters (West coast in general)... all that water at the downwind end of the world's largest ocean :)


Moving out of state - Tools for sale

Delta bench top drill press - $25
Porter Cable circular saw - $25
Porter Cable belt sander - $20
Misc Sanders (6" orbital, two 5" random orbitals, one corner sander) - $10 each or $25 for all
Bosch 1/2" collet plunge router - $30
Grinder - $10
Dremel - $20
Hole saws - $5
Pop rivet gun - $5
3/8" NAPA brand socket set - $10

Moving out of state ...don't make me waste all this brand new charcoal! I have FIVE big bags of Royal Oak (the good Made in USA version) hardwood charcoal plus FOUR big bags of Kingsford 'blue bag' briquettes - all new and unopened. Cost over $100 ...yours for $40, take the whole stack!

Moving out of state and have far too much ammo to ship. Selling it cheap...

12ga - Misc 6 boxes of shells (2 are duck nitro loads), plus 5 boxes of bear slugs - $20 for all

.357 Mag - 140 rounds, mostly practice stuff but includes 40 rounds Gold Dot - $40 for all

.30-06 - 280+ rounds, mostly 180gr Federal and Remington - $80 for all

.22 LR - over 7100 rounds - Will sell for $40 per 500 rounds ($460 for the whole stack)

9mm Luger - over 3200 rounds - Will sell for $50 per 500 rounds ($280 for the whole stack)

.38 Spl - 500 rounds, $80

Need to sell - I might even bargain a bit . Ammo is in Wasilla and I'm short on time due to the move, so can't deliver - you will need to come and pick it up (thanks!)

907-315-9454 cell (text OK)

Hi All,

Moving out of state and have too much powder to ship. Selling it all - all prices are about half the shelf price, and I might even bargain a bit - make me an offer:

$70 - Hodgdon TiteGroup, 9-1/2 lbs (unopened 8# and 1#, one opened 1#)
$60 - Hodgdon TrailBoss, 4-1/2 lbs (5# jug, partially used)
$80 - Hodgdon Clays, 8 lbs (unopened, this is 'Clays', not the 'universal' or 'international' versions)
$100 - Hodgdon H4350, 8 lbs (unopened)
$30 - Hodgdon TiteWad, 4 lbs (unopened)
$10 - Hodgdon Longshot, 1 lb (unopened)
$20 - Hodgdon H4831SC, 1 lb (unopened)
$10 - Hodgdon H110, 1 lb (unopened)
$10 - Hodgdon Pyrodex, 1 lb (unopened)

Thank you!

All powder is in Wasilla and I'll need you to come and get it - I'm pressed for time on our move and don't have time to deliver (sorry).

907-315-9454 cell (text OK)

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